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A Step to Your Success

Extendable Beauty was founded with the sole desire to empower other women like myself; busy women who want to look great and feel their best and women who want to be successful in all their undertakings.  I have been a certified industry Professional since 2013 and I believe that providing the highest quality of customer service is paramount to success.  I believe that women deserve to feel great, be confident and have every opportunity to be successful.  The services I provide can help you be all of those things.  Until now Regina has not had the convenience and cost effective option of shopping locally for first rate industry products.  I am dedicated to providing you with a very comfortable, professional and 100% satisfactory experience at Extendable Beauty whether you are purchasing a service or products.  All products used and sold at Extendable Beauty are 100% industry approved and Public Health Certified.


I look forward to being able to provide you with a step towards your success!

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