Hair Extensions


Hot Fusion Extensions are applied with a natural Keratin bond that is softened and fused to your hair in small sections. As they are applied in individual strands they are offer high versatility and most flexibility and can easily blended.  Hot Fusion Extensions can be worn for 3-6 months depending on your natural hair growth and proper aftercare.  Hot Fusion extensions have a one-time use.

Hot Fusion

Hair Cost      $200.00 - $300.00

Install                            $175.00

Remove                           $40.00

microbead pic.png

Cold fusion extensions also known as Micro bead are applied by holding a keratin tip extension into your hair in small sections with a tightly clamped micro bead.  These extensions can be worn for 3-6 months depending on your natural hair growth rate and proper aftercare.  Cold Fusion extensions can be removed and reapplied if they have been cared for properly.  As Cold Fusion extensions are applied in individual strands they too offer high versatility, flexibility and are easily blended.

Micro bead

Hair Cost      $200.00 - $300.00

Install                            $175.00

Remove                           $40.00


Tape In hair extensions are 1.5’ wefts.  They are applied in a sandwich like manner with sections of your own hair in the middle which are then fused together with a specifically designed double sided tape. They are systematically placed around your head to ensure proper coverage.  Tape in hair extensions will generally need to be removed and reinstalled every 8-12 weeks depending on your natural hair growth.  They can be reused, but because of the larger size weft they are not as versatile or flexible.ollection.

Tape In

Hair Cost      $200.00 - $300.00

Install                            $100.00

Remove                           $40.00

Hair Extensions FAQ

Hair Extensions

Will wearing hair extensions damage my hair?

The honest answer is yes, all hair extensions can potentionally cause damage to your natural hair over prolonged use. The amount of damage is highly dependent on the aftercare. If you do not care for your hair extensions properly the most damage will be caused by pullling and matting. If you decide to get extensions you need to be fully commited to follow through with proper aftercare. Please read the aftercare requirements section.

Are Hot fusion extension worse for my hair than the other options?

Hot fusion extensions are not any more damaging that the other options. With proper aftercare they can be one of the best options for adding length and volume while giving you versatility with styling and providing a very natural appearance.

How long does your hair need to be to be able to wear hair extensions?

Your hair needs to be a minimum of 3.5 inches long in order to hide the bonds or wefts. However the shorter your hair is the harder it will be to blend them seamlessly as the top layer of your hair will be fully exposed so that will always be your shortest layer.

Which Hair extensions are right for me?

The answer to this is highly dependent to your preferences, what you are hoping to achieve and your natural hair. It is recommended that you book an appointment for a free consultation so all the options can be can explained and discussed so you can make an informed decision.

I already have purchased hair extensions, can you install them for me?

Yes, absolutely, however I will only guarantee my work and not the hair extensions themselves.

What if I order the hair extensions then change my mind on installing them?

The cost of the hair is required at the time of order. Once they arrive they are yours to keep whether you chose to install or not.

After I order my hair extensions how long do they take to arrive?

Your hair extensions will arrive within 7-10 days after ordering.

Will be hair extensions match my natural hair?

There are many colors to choose from, as well we can do a color combination if necessary to match or if you want to add high or low lights. At the time of consultation we will do a color match and go through all the color options with you.

What is the hair made of and can it be colored and curled?

The hair used at Extendable Beauty is 100% Human Remy Hair. It can be washed, colored and dyed just like your own hair. Just keep in mind that it CANNOT be bleached and this process will severely damage your extensions

Will I be able to feel my extensions?

Yes, when they are first installed you will feel them as they are installed close to the scalp and the difference in weight will be noticeable, however within 1-2 weeks you will have grown used to them. The longer you wear them the less noticeable they become.

What happens if I do not like my hair extension?

Although that rarely happens, if you want your extensions removed please do not attempt to do so yourself as this can cause considerable damage to your natural hair if not done properly. Please contact me and make an appointment for removal.

Is any preparation required before I have my extensions installed?

  • Make sure when you come to your appointment that your hair is clean and 100% product free.
  • Do not use conditioner on your last hair wash before your appointment
  • Have your hair dry and parted as you would normally wear it.

How do I properly care for my hair extensions?

  • Only brush through your extensions when your hair is dry with a soft bristle brush or extension brush. Hold the root of your hair while brushing to avoid excessively pull at your bonds.
  • Never go to sleep with wet hair, always wear your hair up on in a loose braid while sleeping.
  • After swimming be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the chlorine or salt water from your hair.
  • Never dry your hair upside down
  • Always use good quality hair products on your extensions but do not overdue it as this can cause a buildup on your extensions and require you to wash them more frequently.
  • Never let heat tools touch your bonds with either any of the hair extension options.
  • When wearing Tape In extensions only condition your hair from the middle of the shaft to the ends and only apply leave in oils and conditioner from mid shaft to ends as getting any of these products on the wefts will cause them to degrade and fall out.
  • If your hair extensions get try it is okay to use a deep conditioner once a week, but only apply from mid shaft to ends and leave on no longer than 20 minutes then fully rinse. Leave in conditioners and oils can be applied in small amount from mid shaft to roots but don’t overdue as the product can wick up to your bonds.
  • Try to minimize hair washing, wash only when necessary and use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Always keep in mind that the more you wash, process and use heat on your hair the quicker the quality will degrade as hair extensions do your replenish themselves as your natural hair does.
  • If you are wearing Hot or Cold Fusion extensions it is absolutely tantamount that you avoid tangling. As they are individual extensions they can get tangled at the root which will cause matting and damage to your natural hair. Regularly run your fingers through your hair at the root between each of your extensions to keep them separate from each other.