Micro pigmentation is the process of using a state-of-the-art tattoo machine to implant hypoallergenic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin for a long lasting effect. 


For your brows pigment can be added to create hair like strokes, it can be added to create a shading effect which resembles eyebrow powder or a combination of both.  There many colors to choose from so your natural skin tone and hair can be precisely matched.  Eyebrows will be designed to suit your facial shape, features and preferences.  The option of ombrae brows is also available.


One Color              $299.00

12-18 month          $170.00


Ombrae Brows     $350.00

12-18 month         $180.00


PMU Eyeliner can be applied on both eyelid and lower lid.  Eyeliner can be done in black, grey and brown shades with a variety of designs to choose from in terms of thickness, shading and shape.  Eyeliner will be designed with a combination of suitability and preference.


Top Liner               $350.00

12-18 month           $120.00

Touch- up

Bottom Liner          $180.00

12-18 month            $75.00



PMU Lips can be done as either a Lip Liner or Full Lip color.  The shape of your lips can be slightly altered with this procedure, however moving outside your natural lip line too much is not recommended as you will lose a natural appearance.  There is a wide variety of colors to choose from and/or colors can be blended to create the perfect hue.  Colors will be recommended to you based on your skin tone and together we will find best what suits your skin tone and preference.


Lip Liner              $350.00

18-24 month         $150.00

Touch - up

Full Color            $599.00

18-24 month         $250.00